The project organization (Program writing – P1 – Ep.1)

Video tools


Tool 1 – Presentation of the project organization

How to describe the organization presenting the project (object, mission, activities, area of intervention, date of creation, brief history, number of projects in progress, type of approval, highlights etc.).

Document Description Download
Example Example of presentation of a project leader, and how to write it. Download

Tool 2 – Presentation table of a project

How to define, in tabular form, in a simple and concise manner, the main key points of a project.

Document Description Download
Model The presentation table of a project gives the important information of the project: title, location, start date, duration, number and situation of beneficiaries, general and specific objectives, indicators and sources of verification, expected results, sustainability, budget and date of eligibility of expenditure. Download
Example Example of a project presentation table, and how to complete it. Download