If you wish to invest and support some of our projects, here are ways to do it.

For additional information, proposal or application, contact Padem: info@padem.org.


Different types of grants are available:

  • Financial donations (monthly or one-time)
    • Directly via our Giving Page
    • Via a Facebook pool already existing or that you can create for an occasion like a birth, a birthday, a wedding etc.
    • Through your business with Payroll Giving (employee volunteers donate the cents of their salary)
    • During your life events, ask your friends to donate instead of giving gifts or flowers. To do this, share our bank account details or contact us to receive transfer forms pre-printed.
  • Equipment donations
  • Intangible gifts (advertising space …)
  • Bequests or donations.

Commit to achieving a mission

Do you want to put your skills to our association? Several solutions are available to you :

  • Volunteering: PADEM always welcomes volunteers with pleasure. We define with you the missions that can suit you, depending on your availability, preferences, and technical skills. It may be a stand, administrative work, digital communication…
  • Skills sponsorship: Whether you are into your account or company employee, your skills are valuable and can be very useful to our local partners. On-site visits can be arranged.
  • The National Voluntary Service (NVS) If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you live in Luxembourg, we can take you to an SVN for a period of 6 months to one year, full time (35 hours) or partial at Dudelange with occasional trips. You will benefit of 650 € / month (full time), defray travel and affiliation to social security. Do not hesitate to send your CV and cover letter to emploi@padem.org!

The Etical trade

100% of the profits are invested in our projects and if you wish you can:

  • Realize home sales: The principle of Tupperware meetings, this is to introduce our products to your surroundings.
  • A stand: Whether on a Christmas market or in the context of a living room, a corporate event, festival or fair, do not hesitate to contact us to set up a booth sale of our products.

The donation box

In your shop or your favorite retailer, place a donation box on the counter to retrieve small change clients.

Simple, practical, taking you very little time, this device allows collecting large sums in a few weeks !


Ask Padem for your box !

Social networks

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