Projects, Activities, Actions

The main areas of intervention of Padem are:

  • Habitat : construction or renovation of housing
  • Education : education of children, renovation of schools, the fight against child labor
  • Save : vocational training, micro-credit
  • Food Security : Access to water
  • Health : public health campaigns, additional care, creation and training of medical staff
  • Other : legal aid to minorities and discriminated, return assistance

Preferred targets

The beneficiaries are: Firstly, the children and their families. Generally any person or group of persons or vulnerable not enjoying the respect of his basic rights : disabled person discriminated raped battered women deprived of their liberty, girls forced into marriage, children cancer patients untreated, girls from rural areas have no regular access to education, entire villages without water, workers underpaid, poorly housed families, children withdrawn from school to work, farm workers exploited children forced to beg.