The Concept
Employees of a company voluntarily donate some cents of their salary to a humanitarian project.

How does this work?
The Payroll Giving program takes care of everything, once it’s installed !


Flexibility : from only a few Cents to a couple of Euros…the choice of the amount donated is yours!

Easy : everything runs automatically thanks to the Payroll Giving program

Convenient : of course, your donations are tax-deductible. At the end of each year, tax receipts will be submitted, with the total amount of donations made during a year

Complete freedom
Payroll Givers may donate as much money as they want, alter the amount of money given or even stop if they choose to.

What Projects or NGOS am I supposed to support ?
Payroll Givers are free to choose between a variety of humanitarian Projects by NGOs situated in Luxembourg.

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing! They will be no extra charges for Payroll Givers or the company.

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Payroll Giving makes it easy to uphold the ethical standards of the company and contribute to a good cause of your choice.

How do I get Payroll Giving?
If you are interested in Payroll Giving, please contact Pascal HUS (, who will set up the Payroll Giving for the company you work for and help you choose the project to support.
Usually, the setup of the Payroll Giving program is quite easy for companies using the ASPAL software (by TELINDUS): simply check the box that will activate the Payroll Giving feature! 
In case your company is using a different software than ASPAL, PADEM helps you with the setup.

Following Companies contribute to Payroll Giving:


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