Support for training and creation of a multipurpose center in Thylla

State : Ongoing | Number of beneficiaries : 150 women, 500 children

Duration : 2020/2022, 3 years

Location : Thylla suburb, Ouarkhokh commune, Linguère department, Louga region, Senegal

Project funded by Framework Agreement by the Grand Duchy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg

Local partner

The local partner is Jappo Liggeye Thylla. It is a non-profit association, created on December 25, 2005 and recognized by the Ministry of the Interior Affairs. Jappo Liggeye Thylla is a local development association based in Thylla with headquarters in Dakar. It is composed mainly of natives of Thylla. Its intervention zone is therefore located in Thylla.

Its main objectives are to bring together the natives of the village to reflect on local development projects in the following areas :

  • health (awareness-raising actions on methods of prevention of certain common diseases, fight against malaria, organization of free consultation days, …)
  • education (organization of reinforcement courses during the holidays, award of prizes at the end of the year, donation of school supplies, …)
  • the environment (organization of reforestation days, …).

The association has few means despite the will of its members. Jappo’s strategy is therefore based on the local partnership with the public authorities and two other associations.

The problem

In Thylla, the sectors of activity are agriculture, livestock and trade but crops are limited by climatic conditions: land depletion, unpredictability and intensity of rainfall and lack of quality seeds.
Livestock production is also limited by the low geographical and financial accessibility of livestock feed, the shortage of fodder resources, particularly related to drought and bush fires, the lack of water points and the inadequacy of livestock. or the dilapidated immunization parks. Farmers therefore have strong needs in terms of capacity building.

In addition, Thylla has only one elementary school per 3000 inhabitants and the nearest secondary school is 3 km, which is a real factor of school dropout for young people, especially girls.

Low economic performance coupled with a high illiteracy rate leads to the impoverishment of the inhabitants of Thylla without any other source of income.

The establishment of a multipurpose center in Thylla will generate, on the one hand, an additional source of income for women (one of the most vulnerable social strata) to offset the decline in income from agriculture and livestock farming. the other hand, the financial independence of the participants.

This project is the result of the construction of a clinic in Thylla in 2014 with the same partner Jappo. Paving the way for sustainability, it has benefited the 3000 inhabitants of the village.

Objectives/Activities carried out

The overall objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people of Thylla.

The specific objective is to increase the income of the target audience by learning methods of production and marketing of local products and dyeing and sewing techniques for the manufacture and sale of clothing.

  • Construction of a building to house the agricultural production and processing center, as well as seaming and dyeing activities, and setting up a management committee for the center
  • Development and equipment of the center
  • Installation and equipment of a conference room for training
  • Dispense of literacy courses to beneficiaries and training in the processing of local cereals and the dyeing and sewing trades
  • Transformation of local cereals in the multipurpose center (production, processing and marketing of 1800 kg / year of peanuts and coffee beans), and creation and marketing of sewing patterns
  • Creation of a mutual savings and credit for the sustainability of the activities of the center, management of this mutual by the management committee, monitoring / support recipients


150 women, 500 children

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