Sustainable human development of women and children Saloum

State of progress : In progress | Number of beneficiaries : 400 children and 80 women

Project duration : 2020/2022, 3 years

Place : Saloum Delta, Senegal

Project funded by Framework Agreement by the Grand Duchy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg

local partner

Nebeday is a Senegalese organization of participatory management of natural resources which is 6 years old and has already completed several projects impacting.

Founded in June 2011, on the initiative of Jean Goepp formerly Project Coordinator of Oceanium, Nebeday means the tree of life, the motto of the association is “the environment at the heart of development.”

Nebeday is among the only players to lead participatory projects for the protection of biodiversity and the fight against the consequences of climate change, in a particularly vulnerable area that is the Saloum Delta, inscribed on the World Heritage List of Unesco.

For Nebeday, the environment is at the heart of development that can be done by and for rural Senegalese people.

Nebeday’s main expertise lies not only in its intervention theme, which is the fight against the consequences of climate change, but also in its intervention method which is particularly close to the people and truly participatory. This allows it to implement programs that preserve the environment and effectively combat climate change.

This social engineering is based on a strong communication carried out thanks to itinerant cinema-debate campaigns, palaver sessions but above all exchanges and respect and knowledge of local habits and customs.

This expertise allows Nebeday the realization of innovative projects in the field of climate in response to the needs expressed by the population.


The Biosphere Reserve of the Saloum Delta (RBDS) contains many resources of economic interest and vital livelihood to the surrounding population. But this region is experiencing the effects of climate change (drought, soil salinization) and must deal with the degradation of its forests, the decrease in agricultural production as well as the reduction or disappearance of marine species, plant and animal. These have a direct impact on the economic development of the Delta and on the living conditions of its people. For example, women who are specialized in fish processing are facing declining catches, which seriously threatens the sustainability of their business and income.

The mission

The project consists of developing healthy living habits that respect the environment for the communities of the Saloum Delta to preserve it, as well as sustainable economic sectors (agroforestry, beekeeping, biochar, etc.) to meet their needs.


  • Development of natural and sustainable economic sectors for women in the Saloum Delta
  • Awareness of families on the place of the child in the family and on nutrition through the production of a short film, cinemas / debates and radio program
  • Raising children’s awareness of environmental issues and the management of natural resources through environmental education stays organized in nature in the heart of the Delta
  • Organization, in the Delta schools, of citizen education courses focused on the principles and values of “living better” and sustainable development


400 children and 80 women

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