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3ème année du projet 2010-2011

L’école sécondaire gratuite de filles du bidonville de Kibera (Nairobi, Kenya)

The beneficiaries of microcredit :

Pauline “The micro-credit that I received from the school, really helped me a lot in my business. I would like the school continues to give credit to people of Kibera because my business was not doing well at all before this credit, and now it works fine. I would also suggest that you give more, cause a credit of 10,000 shillings is a small amount. With a larger amount, you could help me more.”

Naomi “I received a credit from the school for my business that’s how I could expand my business through this credit. Today, my business works. I received 10,000 shillings from school and I could see a real change. What I would like, once I have paid my credit, is to get a bigger credit to continue to expand my budget. Thank you for helping me and God bless you.”

Edna“Welcome to Kotwekera group. I greatly benefited from the activities of this group because when I had a problem, I could always turn to the group and help. The first thing we do in the group is to contribute to the savings group at each meeting. Then we can take the money as a credit when the amount is sufficient. As a member of the group, I see huge benefits in group activities. The second thing is that I am a beneficiary of the funds. I used this money to purchase equipment for my business and I want to continue with a new credit in order to keep my business. Since I got the money, I was an active member of the group and did everything to repay the loan in time hoping to get more credit.”