Access to water and sanitation facilities for children in Homa Bay County

Completed | Number of beneficiaries : 765 children

Place of intervention: Otaro, Karachuonyo consistuency, Homa Bay Countyafricanchild_logo

Local partner:
African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect  (ANPPCAN)

The issue

  • Children in Kenya (0-18 years old) represent more than half of the 38 million population of the country
  • Only one third of the schools in Kenya has access to drinking water and latrines adapted to the needs of children
  • The introduction of Free Primary Education (FPE) in 2003 and Free Secondary Education in 2007 has resulted in a rapid increase of school population, placing severe strain on the already existing inadequate water and sanitation school infrastructures

The beneficiaries

This project is intended for 765 students from Otaro schools:

  • 301 students from the primary school (aged from 5 to 14 years old)
  • 464 students from the secondary school (aged from 15 to 19 years old)
  • Parents and the community will benefit as well from the drinking water sold and from the awareness programs

The activities

The project includes the renovation and construction of: :photoshop KEN15

  • Latrines and hand-washing stands in both schools
  • a water pump to provide drinking water to students and the nearby community
  • water tanks in each school

The project includes the implementation of the following activities as well :

  • ‘Water and sanitation’ committees to maintain the facilities
  • Hygiene education sessions
  • Child Rights Club to involve children in the protection of their right and access to water
  • Child Help Desks available to children victims of abuse to address their problems