Support for the creation of a reception structure for street children in Dagué, canton of Kpessi, in Togo

State : Funding | Number of beneficiaries : 30 children and 33 adults

Project duration : 12 months

Location : Dagué, Canton of Kpessi, Maritime Region, Togo

Local partner

ATLP: Togolese Association for the Fight against Malaria

Since 2007, the ATLP has been committed to promoting better living conditions among the Togolese populations. It provides support to underprivileged populations in order to encourage them to take charge of themselves and ensure their own future.

A first sensitization project against malaria was set up in 2007. This project was partly funded by the Togolese State and aimed to inform the population of Adakpamé about the causes and consequences of malaria.

The association then set up several other awareness campaigns against malaria over the years and then diversified the themes of its projects (care, health, hygiene, education, literacy, food, nutrition, etc.).

It is also committed to ensuring respect for the rights of children from an early age.


The problem was identified in 2018, following a call for help from the management committee of the village of Kpessi and its inhabitants. The Togolese government had planned to increase by 20% by this year, the number of structures adapted to toddlers. In its development plans, the government had also provided for the training of early childhood professionals. However, the reception of toddlers remains very little developed. Children are out of school, exposed to unsanitary conditions, sexual violence and are subject to many diseases linked to poor sanitation habits and malnutrition.

According to ATLP’s experience in the field since 2007, the main causes of the phenomenon of street children are found in stepfamilies, remarriages, death of one of the parents (or even both) or even in the extreme poverty. It is indeed these causes (conflicts and / or violence) that push children to leave the family home and live in the streets.

The project to set up a reception center in Kpessi responds to the will to orient public policies of the State of Togo towards the development of early childhood services.

The mission

The general objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children of Kpessi in Togo.

The specific objective is to improve the social situation of 30 street children in Kpessi by:

  • The establishment of a reception structure day and night
  • Improving their family situation
  • Their social and educational (re) integration.


  • Establishment of a functional reception structure: construction of the establishment, recruitment and training of staff, implementation of a sustainability strategy
  • Improvement of the family situation of 30 children: nutritional, medical and psychological monitoring of children, increase in the income of their parents / guardians through the development of IGA (income-generating activities), family mediation, social and health awareness
  • Improvement of the school situation of 30 children: the 30 children leave the streets and have access to schooling or vocational training as well as socio-educational and cultural activities
  • Advocacy action


Direct beneficiaries: 63

  • 30 children in extremely vulnerable situations received and followed by the center
  • the parent (s) / guardian (s) of the children, i.e. approximately 30 adults
  • the staff of the center: 3 members.

Indirect beneficiaries: 200

This is the family circle of direct beneficiaries.