For the development of girls through education and protection in the area of ​​Mbour

State : Completed | Number of beneficiaries : 120 girls

Project duration : 2020/2022, 3 years

Location : Mbour, Thies, Senegal

Project funded by Framework Agreement by the Grand Duchy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg

Local partnerYouth and Development (Jeunesse et Développement (JED) in French) / Scouts and Girl Scouts of Senegal (Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Sénégal (EEDS) in French) is a development NGO founded in 1936 and located in all regions of Senegal, inspired by Scout values, serving youth and the community. Its mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of people, mainly in the field of health, education, socioeconomic integration, and the environment, including preparing young people for their role active and responsible citizens in synergy with the Scouts and Scouts of Senegal.ContextThe population of Senegal is very young. The 15-24 age group represents 20% of the population and 49% of those under 18 come from families who live below the poverty line. These young people, especially girls, face many challenges.

To obtain a small income, parents often drop their daughters out of school to make them work as housewives or saleswomen to contribute to the family’s income. Sexual exploitation is also a source of income but poses the risk of early pregnancy and forced marriage. The rights of children and young girls are therefore not always respected.

The mission

The project is to reduce the vulnerability of girls in precarious situations through education, training and a package of appropriate services.


  • Establishment of an empowerment program for young girls and their parents: definition of a personalized project for each girl and academic, social, legal and health support, professional support for parents towards income-generating activities
  • Organization of extra-curricular activities and a protection and leadership camp per year for young girls
  • Creation of watch committees and training of educators to monitor and report cases of abuse of young girls
  • Sensitization on the protection of girls: organization of talks, the establishment of community relays and home visits to improve family relationships, radio campaign, advocacy activities


120 girls sexually exposed or early work situation and their families, child welfare institutions, 10 watch committees, 20 community volunteers, 30 educators, the whole community

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