Emergency aid for the reception of children in danger at the Akany Avoko center following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and cyclones in Madagascar

State : Completed | Number of beneficiaries : 40 children

Project duration : 2022 / 10 months

Location : Antananarivo, Ambohidratrimo, Madagascar

Local partner

AAA (Akany Avoko Ambohidratrimo) is an association which opened its center in 1964. The center welcomes 150 minor children in danger placed by the Children’s Judge (abandoned, abused children, victims of sexual assault, etc.). The mission of the center is to provide protection, education and/or vocational training, accommodation, food, leisure and health and hygiene care for these children.


In Madagascar, the socio-economic difficulties have clearly worsened under the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. In addition, in January and February 2022, the central region was swept by two powerful cyclones: cyclone Ana which dumped torrential rains which caused flooding in poor neighborhoods, and cyclone Batsirai which caused significant damage to homes and on agricultural land, especially rice paddies.

Many parents who lived in a precarious situation can no longer assume their responsibilities and abandon their children. There are also cases of children who have become orphans.

The AAA center usually accommodates 150 children. Since the effects of the pandemic and recent cyclones, the center has had to accommodate 40 more children, or 190 children in total. On average 3 children are placed each month. By December 2022, the number of residents could reach more than 200 children.

The center therefore had to adapt its spaces to accommodate these children urgently. This situation jeopardizes the entire mission of the center because it lacks human resources and material and financial means to ensure daily meals, the continuity of education and decent accommodation.

The mission

Ensuring the basic needs and well-being of 40 children newly placed at the Akany Avoko center following covid and the passage of cyclones Ana and Batsirai. It is also a question of preventing the reception conditions for all the children from deteriorating.


For the 40 new children welcomed at the center:

  • Ensure their food needs
  • Ensure good quality beds and bedding
  • Ensure appropriate educational support.


40 children newly placed in the AAA center following covid and the passage of cyclones Ana and Batsirai