Distribution of Christmas gifts to camp children

State: Completed | Number of beneficiaries: 200 per year

Duration of the project: 2002 – 2010

Local partner

D.E.A Mitrovica, Democratization, Education, Advocacy, is a local NGO created by former PADEM employees in Kosovo.

The problem

First project in Kosovo, donated by an individual who wanted vulnerable children in Kosovo to have a gift for Christmas too. This project, carried out in 2002 (the first of PADEM), was then extended each year for at least 7 years, mainly for Roma children, but also for very poor children from the Serbian community.

Objectives / Activities

The aim of the project was to offer a Christmas present to the most disadvantaged children of northern Kosovo.

Activities carried out:

  • Distribution of treats and toys.


  • 200 children a year.