Opening of a center to empower Dalit women

Completed | Number of beneficiaries: 30 young women every year

Place of intervention: Jodhpur, Rajasthan, IndiaSambhali Finals

Local partner : Sambhali Trust

The issue

  • Access to education for Dalit women is very difficult in India since they are both victims of gender discriminations and caste discriminations
  • Access to education for women in Rajasthan is one of the weakest in the country, far behind the national average : 47.6% of women in Rajasthan have access to education compared to an average of 65.46% nationally
  • Most Dalit women suffer daily from both oral and physical attacks and are considered inferior to other castes, which exacerbates their feeling of marginalization and vulnerability

The beneficiaries This project is intended for 30 young girls either from « scheduled castes » or from poor backgrounds, aged between 12 and 19.

The activitiesphotoshop Workshop 'no bad touch' 2

This project includes :

  • The opening of a center for the young women
  • Awareness sessions on the importance of education and vocational training for the future of the girls
  • Literacy courses in hindi and english as well as maths courses
  • Vocational training in seaming and embroidery
  • Weekly workshops on personal development through artistic and leisure activities
  • Weekly awareness workshops on health issues, nutrition, family planning and women rights
  • Graduation ceremony and presentation of diploma certificates at the end of the training
  • Professional orientation facilitated and jobs guaranteed at the Sambhali Trust’s store