Professional integration of regularized migrants in the Moselle territory

State : Ongoing | Number of beneficiaries : 100 regularized adult migrants living in Metz or in the Moselle department

Project duration : 24 months

Location : Metz, Moselle

Local partner

The project is carried by PADEM.


Moselle is the second region that receives the most migrants (12,424 asylum requests recorded in 2019).

The mission

General objective : Contribute to a better socio-economic integration of migrants regularized in the Moselle territory

Specific objective : Enable the economic integration of 100 regularized migrants in the Moselle territory


  • Offer professional French courses to 100 migrants (250-hour sessions of FLE / FLI (French as a Foreign Language / French as an Integration Language)), offer computer courses, offer workshops and cultural outings as well as integration activities through sport (locust)
  • Offer direct support towards employment for 100 migrants : offer 3 “Employment” workshops per year (preparation for the job interview, presentation of the sectors that recruit, etc.), offer individual support towards employment, organize Discovery Cafés (3 / year), establish contacts with companies in the traditional sector and the social economy with significant employment capacities, allow 100 migrants to be mobile to work
  • Participate in the networking of associations active alongside migrants on the territory of the department (departmental coordination work), support for the work of other organizations active alongside migrants, networking with other competent organizations, propose citizenship workshops related to rights and living in a democracy (children’s rights, women’s rights, education rights, security rights, housing rights, health rights …)


100 regularized adult migrants living in Metz or in the Moselle department