Contribute to the social and professional development of young people in the Fatick region

Number of beneficiaries: 250 young people and 4,000 schoolchildren

Project duration: 2024/2027

Place: Municipalities of Fimela, Diofior, Djilass, Loul Sessène and Palmarin, Fatick region


Project financed under a framework agreement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Local partner

Jeunesse et développement (JED) / Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Sénégal (EEDS) is a development NGO created in 1936, and established in all regions of Senegal, inspired by Scouting values, at the service of young people and the community. Its mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of populations, mainly in the areas of health, education, socio-economic integration, and the environment, in particular by preparing young people for their role as active and responsible citizens in synergy with the Scouts and Scouts of Senegal. Its areas of intervention are as follows: youth education, health, citizen participation, the living environment of vulnerable groups, environmental protection, hygiene, water and sanitation, training, and microcredit.


70% of the Senegalese population is under 35 years old. Illiteracy and poverty expose these young people to difficulties in accessing education and health, which hinder their socio-professional integration. The “Quality, Equity and Transparency Improvement Program – Education/Training” and the Ministry of Health’s document on “Access to health services for young people” demonstrate the commitment of the Senegalese State towards these subjects. Nevertheless, these issues require integrated and holistic care.

The mission

This project contributes to the empowerment of young people by improving their access to socio-educational services and their socio-professional integration.


Enrol young people in school or vocational training and follow them on the psychosocial, legal, educational and professional levels.

-Train young people in entrepreneurship and follow them in the launch of their project (income-generating activity).

-Raise young people’s awareness of the notions of reproductive health, self-esteem, menstrual hygiene, and gender equality.

-Train and support local committees on child protection, reproductive health, education, and the integration of young people.


150 out-of-school young people (15 – 25 years old), 100 unemployed young people (15 – 25 years old), 4,000 school children, 50 teachers, 30 counsellors and 25 secondary schools.