February 6th

International day against FGM

3  million girls are exposed to genital mutilation each year!

Genital mutilation, among circumcision, describe a number of practices to remove parts or entire reproductive organs for non-medical reasons.

The intervention mostly takes place for girls between the age of 4 and 14, but not exclusively: very young children, women about to marry, and pregnant women.

Mostly undertaken by people without medical training, the intervention is done without anesthesia, with the help of scissors, razorblades or knifes and always brings with it a traumatism and complications like pain, choc, birthing complications and even death.


PADEM says STOP to excision and NO to violence on women in Senegal!

This project, initiated in the framework with the partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to protect young girls exposed to or victim of FGM.

With a budget of 163 500 €, we are installing information centers to sensitize the population to the risks and problems related to FGM.  Furthermore 400 girls benefit from alphabetisation classes and 400 others have access to professional training and micro-finance projects.50 victims can be supported in medical, juridicial and social matters, as well as 20 women doing excisions can be sensitized and trained in order to stop their occupation.

In summary 1500 people in 15 villages get the benefits of our actions!

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