Improvement of hygiene and building of sanitary facilities in a nursery school

Complete | Number of beneficiaries: 378 beneficiaries10704392_931218823573032_7706716503776056520_o

Place of intervention: Nursery school “The Future”, Tuv province

Local partner : Parent Teacher Association in Mongolia (PTA)The issue

  • After a growing trend of settlement among the nomadic population in mixed areas made up of yurts and concrete buildings in the suburbs of Ulan Bator, these populations perpetuate their former lifestyle including hygienic practices that can be inappropriate in highly populated areas
  •  The drinking water supplied at the stands is transported in containers that are often inadequate and the inhabitants only have precarious and unsanitary latrines, which leads to many waterborne diseases
  • The nursery school “The Future’ in Tuv province, as many schools in rural areas, does not have a decent access to water or sanitary facilities. Yet, school is the only place where many children from nomadic families can have hygiene education

The beneficiaries20151216_154436 This project is intended for 196 children and 42 members of the pedagogic team from “The Future” nursery school.The activitiesThis project includes :

  • The construction of 5 sanitary blocks on the « Child Friendly Toilet » model (adapted to the size and needs of children and approved by the Mongolian government) including 3 toilets, 3 hand-washing stands and a shower
  • The construction of a sanitary block for the education team
  • Awareness raising and capacity building activities for teachers, students, students’ parents and construction companies to hygiene education and sanitary facilities’ maintenance
  • Advocacy campaign on sanitary hygiene and promotion of the “Child Friendly Toilet” at the regional and national level