Creating a model school dormitory in a participatory community approach in a ger district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

State of progress : Completed | Number of beneficiaries : 102 children

Project duration : 18 months

Place : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



Local partner

Parents Teachers Association (PTA) was created in 2014 at the initiative of two former employees of the NGO Save The Children-Japan following strong demand from parents, faculty and educational institutions to work in improving the quality of education and infrastructure in primary schools and kindergartens. The NGO aims to improve the education of children, by improving the education system, encouraging citizen involvement and participation of parents.

Its mission is to make every child in Mongolia an active and independent citizen, by investing the parents in this mission. They understand their children, listen to them, accompany them, support them and constitute an example to follow.

The association works with three target audiences: Parents of children with disabilities, people from ethnic minorities (such as the Kazakh in the West) and the nomadic families. These three audiences are very vulnerable to poverty and lack access to basic services.

The association intends to achieve its goals through three main types of activities:

  • Parent training to positive education
  • Educating parents and children to encourage them to engage in their communities and promote good governance
  • Improved infrastructure of kindergartens and primary schools.


92.8% of Gachuurt school students said their sanitation facilities were not adequate (old, difficult to use, unsuitable for disabled children and younger children, no shower or laundry). 80.3% and 62.5% of them replied that they did not have a wardrobe or a table / chair, respectively.

The mission / activities

Overall objective: Contribute to improve the living conditions in poor neighborhoods of Ulan Bator, Mongolia

  • Creation of a model dorm thanks to the collaboration of members of the local community and renovation of sanitation facilities
  • Improvement of skills and knowledge of school staff and the local community: training on children’s rights, health, hygiene, safety, environment…


102 children from nomadic families (96 children will benefit from renovated dormitories, 102 students will benefit from WASH facilities and training). Following this project, we will increase the dormitory capacity of 6 beds for children.

School communities, including students (770), parents, local community groups, cooperatives (about 1000), village authorities (Governor of khoroo and social worker), teachers and school staff (78) will also benefit directly and indirectly from the project.