Renovation of collective centers

State: Completed | Number of beneficiaries: 800 people

Duration of the project: 2004 – 2005

Local partner

D.E.A Mitrovica, Democratization, Education, Advocacy, is a local NGO created by former PADEM employees in Kosovo.

The problem

The hostility between Albanians and Serbs is still present and this situation undermines the protection of other communities in Kosovo, including the Roma, who are in a particularly difficult situation. Indeed, in the face of this interethnic conflict, many Roma have been displaced,

A camp was organized in 1999 in Leposavic in a large hangar of the Serbian army, and the 500 people received in this camp live here for more than 7 years in absolutely unhealthy conditions. Other people live in collective centers of the Municipality that are just as dilapidated and unhealthy.

Objectives / Activities

The objective of the project was to improve the housing conditions of the most vulnerable families displaced in Leposavic (North Kosovo) and accommodated in the collective centers of the Municipality (13 centers + the Roma camp)

Activities carried out:

  • Renovation of collectives (roofs, showers, toilets, access to water, electricity, …) and private spaces (as needed)


  • 800 beneficiaries