Construction of a boarding school and access to education for young girls and women from rural areas in Keru, Rajasthan

Project completed since October 2015 | Number of beneficiaries: 75 girls and young women every year

Place of intervention: Keru, Rajasthan, India

Project funded by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Local partner : His Highness Maharaja Hanwant Singhji Charitable Trust

The issueDSCF1018

  • In India, more than half of the young women from 15 to 19 suffer from anemia and 47% from undeweight
  • This situation is all the more concerning for young women between 15 and 19 in the rural areas who are 56% to be married (this rate is 23% in urban areas). Risks of maternal mortality after pregnancy are then even higher
  • Rajasthan is a very patriarchal region where women are still very dependent on men, especially for financial resources
  • Many young girls from rural areas in Rajathan cannot pursue secondary education because they live too far away from the schools and cannot make such long trips every day

The beneficiaries

This projects is intended for 75 young girls from 12 to 19, from rural and arid areas, so they can attend school in Keru or vocational training in the production center close-by.

The activities

This project includes :

  • The construction of a boarding school to host 75 young girls and women every year
  • The equipment of the boarding school with all the necessary furniture so the girls live in a safe and adapted environment to pursue their education
  • Awareness raising with the parents of the girls on the importance of education for their daughters
  • The enrolment of the girls in the school of Keru and the follow-up of their schooling