Inclusive education in Ulan Bator

Number of beneficiaries: 90 children with disabilities, 600 teachers and 30 schools

Project duration: 2024/2025 – 2 years

Place: City of Ulaanbaatar then replication in the 21 provinces of the country


Project financed under a framework agreement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Local partner

Adina – Equal Opportunity NGO (Adina) is an independent, non-religious and apolitical organization dedicated to safeguarding the rights of people with disabilities. Created on April 1, 2022 and officially registered as an NGO on June 26, 2023, its mission is to defend equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Indeed, Adina enables people with disabilities to exercise their rights to education, employment, and equal participation in society. Adina’s vision is to empower people with disabilities for a more inclusive society.


In Mongolia, only 19% of people with disabilities are employed and 20% have no level of education. Barriers to education are mainly limited physical access to schools, lack of pedagogical skills of teachers, outdated curriculum and negative attitude towards children with disabilities. Studies all agree on the priority of teacher training in inclusive education. However, the Mongolian population is very dispersed and teachers in remote areas are difficult to reach.

The mission

This project aims to solve the problem of spatial dispersion of Mongolian teachers through the creation of an online platform allowing all teachers in the country to be trained in inclusive education.


-Identify the current situation and the needs to be met by this platform.

-Train specialists from government education departments to build their capacity.

-Develop a platform for teachers working with children with disabilities (9 disabilities selected).

-Establish 9 subjects by disability and make a video for each one.

-Test the platform in 30 pilot schools and then distribute it nationwide.


600 teachers, 90 children with disabilities, 30 pilot schools, 32 education specialists from government agencies.