Increased income and improved living conditions for women in the Meloqasa indigenous community

State : in the course of financing | Nombre de bénéficiaires : 645 personnes

Duration : 2018/2019, 4 months

Location : Meloqasa Community, Province of Urubamba, Cusco Region, Bolivia

Local partner

Rufada is a non-profit association aiming to provide financial, administrative and technological support to the isolated and disadvantaged populations of Valle Sagrado in Urubamba, Peru. Its projects focus on respecting the traditional knowledge of communities while developing income-generating activities. Rufada has also carried out activities concerning child education and good sanitation practices.

The problem

The Andean community of Meloqasa lives in a mountainous rural area. It owns agricultural land but irrigation systems too few do not exploit them. The tourist market is saturated. Livestock is thin and not used for consumption as it is rare and important for wool production. According to a report by the provincial municipal government, over 93% of people living in mountain areas live in conditions of poverty, 68% are considered extremely poor. The average monthly income is 200 soles (57 euros) or 30% less than the Peruvian subsistence level.

This project addresses several issues:

  • The fight against poverty: In order to fight against the figures presented above by the local government
  • The promotion of traditional knowledge: To support local and traditional know-how and not to develop something that would go against local traditions
  • The promotion of good health and food practices: To fight malnutrition (prevalence of 35% in the district of Urubamba), acute diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections
  • Production of innovative products: The products will be alpaca wool laptop and Ipad covers, responding to a saturated market of traditional textile products in the city of Cusco and around Machu Picchu.

These needs were assessed by our partner Rufada through official reports and also meetings with beneficiary populations who were able to present their needs.

Objectives/Activities carried out

The overall objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Meloqasa community.
The specific objective is to enable this community to improve their living conditions through increased income for women and through the dissemination of best practices in the areas of health and nutrition.

  • Strengthening of women’s skills in the production and sale of Andean crafts.
  • Construction of a weaving workshop in the community to strengthen women’s production capacities.
  • Improvement of community practices in the field of health and nutrition.
  • Set up a grocery store to facilitate the supply of basic food supplies to the community of Meloqasa and the two neighboring communities of Chupani and Chaullacocha.


Direct beneficiaries will be the women weavers of the community of Meloqasa participating in training, 15 women, through the strengthening of their skills, the increase of their income, the strengthening of their management, coordination and production capacities.
The sewing assistant is also a direct beneficiary of the project through the reinforcement of her skills.
In the end, Victoria and Vilma, the future supporters of groceries, are also benefiting thanks to the increase in family income and improvement of their living conditions (hygiene, health, nutrition).
A total of 17 women from the Meloqasa community are direct beneficiaries of the project.
Indirect Beneficiaries:
The Urubamba seamstresses’ association which will be created at the end of the project (3 women), of all the family members of the Meloqasa community (104 people, 20 families) and 100 families. the community of Chupani and Chaullacocha (520 people, 100 families) who will benefit from the proximity of the house-grocery store that will be built.