Promotion of sustainable family farming and access to water in the semi-arid regions of the Chuquisaca Department

Status: Completed | Number of beneficiaries: 385 people

Project duration: 24 months

Location: Municipality of Tarabuco, Province of Yamparez, Department of Chuquisaca in Bolivia

Project financed under a framework agreement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Local partner

SUMAJ PUNCHAY is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that operates primarily in marginalized and remote areas of Bolivia. Affected by the high level of poverty in rural and urban Bolivia, SUMAJ PUNCHAY was formed in 2001. “Sumaj Punchay” is a Quechua word meaning “to better days”. The goal of the NGO is to provide future generations with the conditions for greater social justice, education, health, respect for the environment and biodiversity, self-determination, equality of all kinds, in the context of respect for human rights, including the rights of indigenous peoples.

The problem

According to the Center for Global Development, Bolivia is the ninth most affected country due to the effects of climate change. People living in poverty and in rural areas are strongly affected by climate change, with income-generating activities mainly dependent on climate. The main consequence for rural communities is in terms of food because climatic phenomena have a direct impact on the agricultural production system.

Objectives / Activities

The objective of the project is the promotion of development based on sustainable agriculture through the management of natural resources and the strengthening of production capacities, in order to guarantee the safety and food sovereignty of the inhabitants of Tarabuco.

  • Management and use of water resources through the construction of 40 irrigation systems with storage tanks with a capacity of 5,000 L and installation of irrigation points to vegetable gardens
  • Afforestation and reforestation for the recharge of aquifers (natural water reservoirs)
  • Establishment of 50 family orchards based on the agroforestry system and poultry farming for 70 families
  • Workshops with women beneficiaries to learn how to prepare food from the vegetable garden to promote the change of eating habits and raise awareness about the nutritional value of food
  • Training in water and soil management, organic production, agroforestry and poultry farming
  • Awareness of the effects of climate change and adoption of adaptation measures
  • Training in the marketing of products from organic farming and sale
  • Establishment of a certification guaranteeing the quality of the food sold
  • Participation in local markets and fairs to allow the sale of labeled products


  • Direct Beneficiaries: The project will directly benefit 385 people or 70 Yampara families of extreme vulnerability in the municipality of Tarabuco, Department of Chuquisaca.
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: Indirect beneficiaries are families living near selected families. They will be able to benefit from access to water points as well as vegetables from the garden, either by buying them or by exchanging them for other products.